May 10, 2019

Mothers work hard, make sacrifices, and ensure their family’s continued welfare. Their day to day lives are busy and stressful, yet they still manage to balance everything – whether it's being a wife, mother, career woman, or all three.

Mothers are considered as the "ilaw ng tahanan” because they are good at turning the negative into positive, and bring laughter, warmth and hope in our homes.

In Filipino culture, mothers bring everyone closer. They are the center of occasions like Christmas, New Year, and Mother’s Day among others. Adult children would go out of their way to spend these occasions with their mom.

We know that motherhood is not an easy job. To help you understand and appreciate our moms more, find out from the list below what makes our mothers stressed :

1. Finances – We take it for granted that most mothers are good at handling the family budget, that’s why in most cases, fathers give their salary to their wives and it’s her responsibility to make that budget last until the next pay day. And that covers all the expenses in the house - food, utilities, kid’s allowance, school service, tuition, etc. When we are home, we see our moms very cheerful and loving but what we don't know is that behind what you see are sleepless nights where they worry about where to pull up the funds to supply the family's needs and wants on days that budget is short. And most of the time, their own needs and health are being sacrificed because to her, her children and spouse always come first. 

Mothers care more about everyone else but themselves. With everything on their plates, it can be hard for them and their families to realize that it will be more difficult for the people they love if something happens to our dear mommies, such as falling ill or getting into an accident. 

Even getting health care insurance for themselves is not their priority. Most Filipino mothers consider it as an additional expense and not a necessity, without realizing that in the event of an emergency, out-of-pocket medical expenses are far more expensive. 

2. Time - With all the mommy duties that they need to do - from taking care of the children, cooking, washing the clothes, to nurturing other people they love and performing their tasks at work, time is really limited for most mothers. It's a luxury they don’t have for themselves. 

Being busy for the family gives them a different feeling of satisfaction at the end of a long hard day, but still, it is vital for them to have some time off. 

3. Relationships - While mothers devote all their time in nurturing the kids, other connections have to take a back seat. Even the relationship with their spouse/partner sometimes becomes affected because she simply just have “no time”. Despite her busy schedule, as a wife, she knows that she needs to make time and have the energy for stimulating conversations.

With all these stressors that mothers encounter every day and as they get older, there’s a huge possibility that they develop different illnesses such as hypertension, high blood pressure, influenza, pneumonia, TB, lung cancer or kidney disease. Cancers can also be triggered due to stress, such as cervix and breast cancer. Breast cancer in the Philippines has one of the highest incidences in Asia. All women, are advised to be aware of breast cancer signs for early detection and prevention.

Doctors have said that 3 out of 100 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Although they don't know the exact cause, they advise keeping a healthy lifestyle by eating right, exercising, avoiding smoking and alcohol.

With all of the stressors she faces in her daily life, it might be time to consider getting your mom a health insurance this Mother’s Day. Besides a heartfelt “Happy Mother’s Day” greeting , give her what she deserves more– the gift of health and peace of mind. Because being prepared for something we don’t expect to happen is essential for a better, peaceful, and happy life.

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