Get Access to Wellness

April 5, 2024

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Every year on April 7, the world observes World Health Day as a day to recognize how crucial health and well-being are to people worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) has chosen a powerful theme: "My Health, My Right." This blog will explore the crucial role insurance plays in ensuring everyone can access the healthcare they deserve.

"My Health, My Right" is centered on the idea that people need to have responsibility and ownership over their health. This means having the freedom to choose one's medical care provider, the freedom to engage in decisions that impact one's health and well-being, and the right to obtain high-quality healthcare services without facing discrimination. Encouraging people to take action for their health rights is crucial to achieving health justice, building human dignity, and attaining universal health care.

Healthcare costs can be a major obstacle, preventing people from seeking the care they need. This is where health insurance becomes crucial. By providing financial coverage, health insurance empowers individuals to access necessary medical services.  This eliminates the fear of expenses associated with treatment, including emergencies and chronic conditions.

Furthermore, health insurance often encourages preventive care through checkups and screenings. This early intervention can catch potential problems early, leading to better health outcomes and potentially lower costs down the line. By lowering financial barriers and encouraging preventive care, it improves access to healthcare services for everyone, leading to a healthier population overall.

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