Five Things that the Best Grandparents Do

September 9, 2016

There is nothing that can compare to the genuine happiness brought by the love and warmth of one’s grandparents. The unique bond created through the years has rightfully given them a special place in our hearts.

On this special day, we listed a few things that make our lolo’s and lola’s the best.

The best grandparents…

1. Never let you go hungry

No matter how full you are from lola’s sinigang na baboy served for lunch, she would still offer you a set of merienda that would put any buffet to shame—from butter cookies (not the one with sewing supplies!) to freshly cooked banana-cue, and even turon.

2. Give you the warmest hugs

Remember when after an argument with your playmates or your parents made you run into grandma’s arms, they were always ready to take your side even if it was your fault in the first place? There really is no hug warmer than lolo’s and lola’s. Not to mention the additional lambing you get, like sloppy kisses just to give you comfort and make sure that you feel better.

3. Are the best storytellers

Whenever you and your cousins have a sleepover at the usual place (lolo and lola’s house, of course!), pops is always there to tell those epic bedtime stories. From the bizarre to the downright unbelievable, they have told you so many stories that they could actually write their own novels. And yes, no matter how old you get, you just can’t get enough!

4. Spoil you in every way possible

The best lolo’s and lola’s in the world don’t just spoil you with treats, they also shower you with love and attention. They may not always say that they love you but they never fail to make you feel it. From the littlest things such as kissing your forehead goodbye after a visit, to going out of their way bearing with the long hours of travel just to see you. They even go as far as surprise you on your busy days!

5. Appreciate the simplest gestures

Lolo and lola cherish every little thing that you do, may it be a simple pasalubong or even a kiss on the cheek. Those little gestures mean so much to them, how about giving them more of the love that they deserve?

As a beloved apo, you want to continue on with life with your grandparents by your side. Securing them with health insurance would help you do more with your dearest lolo and lola. This could assist them with their medications, and health insurance also serves as financial-aid when they, unfortunately, end up hospitalized.

Every grandparent has a different lifestyle. Although most of these health insurance companies in the Philippines offer the same coverage, you should choose the right one that suits your grandparents’ lifestyle and most especially, their needs.

We’re pretty sure they will appreciate creating more epic adventures and unforgettable memories with you without worrying about the future.

It actually does not take too much to be the best grandparent. You could have your own list, since they each have their own style, making them the best in your eyes. So on this special day, don’t forget to remind your lolo and lola, mamang and papang, popsie and mamsie, or whatever you call your grandparents, of how grateful you are and how much you appreciate them.

Wish them a Happy Grandparent’s Day!