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Financial Planning For Fresh College Graduates

March 8, 2019

Financial planning plays a significant role in one’s life. Since this is never taught in school it is better to educate yourself now to get you fully prepared as you enter adult life.

As a fresh graduate, you’re very excited to get a job and start your career and you have the tendency to splurge on unimportant things once you receive your first paycheck. Don’t be too impulsive. Remember what the money experts say, “save first before you spend”.

If you are unsure about how to start your financial planning, here’s a guide to help you through:

  1. Create a positive mindset - A positive mind makes the person happy, stress-free and successful. It helps you focus on your needs and on what is important This could also be your advantage as you can turn bad things into good. There are people who are hardworking and yet they couldn’t reach their goals. It’s because they have set their minds the wrong way.

  1. Set your goals - Set a specific goal that you want to achieve. For example: Php100,000 savings at the end of the year or save Php1,000 from your paycheck every month. Make sure that your goals are measurable and realistic.

  1. Know your whys - After you have set your goals, you have to know why you need them. Is it because you want to buy a new house, a car, to travel, or you need it for investment? Knowing your whys is knowing your purpose and this helps you achieve your targets easily.

  1. Start your plan and make it happen - Now that you know your direction, you are set to go. Have a good start in financial planning by choosing the right type of investment or insurance especially designed for a fresh college graduate like you. MoneyPlus Protection Plan is a comprehensive insurance available for 18 to 54 years old that provides cash bonus at the end of your coverage period which you can spend any way you want. This plan also includes Life, Accidental, and Terminal Illness benefits for as low as Php379 per month. So think twice before spending your first paycheck elsewhere and get this protection and savings product now!   For more information about our other products, please visit

Earnings from employment are not just for pleasure. Take advantage of saving money while you are still young and healthy.