Essential Tips for Disaster-Proofing Your Space

July 5, 2024

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Natural disasters have a catastrophic effect on communities every year. Events like floods, wildfires, and earthquakes serve as a constant reminder of both the strength of nature and our vulnerability. In response to these challenges, every July, National Disaster Resilience Month highlights the importance of preparedness, response, and recovery efforts. Protecting our homes is essential if we want to shield ourselves from calamities. This can significantly reduce damage and recovery time. To improve property resilience, consider the following strategies:

  1. Identify possible risks in and around your house by doing a home hazard assessment. Keep bulky appliances and furniture secure. 

    • Check for structural integrity in your house and fix any weak points. 

    • Use hazard assessment tools like Hazard Hunter to determine and understand any particular dangers that your property confronts based on its location and historical data on natural catastrophes in the area.

  1. Keep up with maintenance. 

To make sure your property stays sturdy, make routine inspections and repairs. Tree trimming, gutter cleaning, and quick damage restoration are all recommended.

  1. Record and protect important documents. 

Keep an inventory of priceless possessions and crucial records digitally or in a fireproof safe.

  1. Review your insurance coverage. 

Make sure your property is adequately covered by insurance. Recognize the coverage and consider additional policies for certain risks, like earthquakes or floods.  In the event of a disaster, ensure that the value of your property is not lost with Paramount’s Fire and Allied Perils plan. For more information, visit

National Disaster Resilience Month is an opportunity to take proactive steps towards resilience. Preparing your property contributes to a stronger, more resilient self and community. Remember, resilience is not just about bouncing back from disasters but being prepared to withstand them in the first place. Let's use this month to educate ourselves, implement protective measures, and spread awareness about the importance of disaster resilience.