Cracking the Code of Keeping Luck Alive

August 18, 2023

Ghost Month is a fascinating tapestry of tradition, belief, and respect for the supernatural. Its observance emphasizes the interconnectedness between the living and the departed as the veil of the realms between their worlds grows thin.

For 2023, Ghost Month is from August 16 to September 14. Hungry spirits are believed to roam freely among us and can cast bad luck.

Here are some activities that you might want to continue putting off until this period is over:

  • Opening a new business

  • Moving houses

  • Getting married

  • Traveling

Aside from being cautious, some customs are kept with tradition. Intricately-designed altars are put up in homes and public spaces to honor the departed - food offerings are made; incense is burnt to help the spirits find their way back to the divine world; and joss money is set on fire for prosperity in the afterlife. Some cultures also stage lantern festivals and theater performances as a testament to life beyond the mortal realm.

Counter any misfortune that may come your way beyond Ghost month with a backup from a reliable plan. Sickness and confinement in a hospital or sudden death are unfortunate circumstances that may lead to financial losses and emotional distress. Manage them at