COVID-19 Is Airborne: What It Means and Your Risk of Infection

July 10, 2020

The novel coronavirus which started in Wuhan, China in December 2019 has been affecting millions of people all over the world. In the Philippines, the first confirmed case was in January when a 38-year old Chinese woman, from Wuhan, travelled to our country from Hongkong. Followed by another case, and another as days passed which pushed President Duterte to put the entire Luzon in lockdown in March 2020. Although restrictions have been lifted in some areas, new cases are still rising and as of July 8, 2020, there are 50,000 total confirmed cases in the entire country.

Scientists say that COVID-19 is changing and so Health Reform advocate Dr. Leachon believes that it is airborne and three times more infectious. Also, some experts from 32 countries sent an open letter to the World Health Organization stating that the virus stays, in the air, indoors, infecting people who can breathe them in. This conclusion was derived after new cases in offices and markets have been recorded.

What should we do?
Now that COVID-19 is airborne, it means that there is now a higher risk of transmission especially in crowded, closed and poor ventilated settings. With the recent confirmation of the Department of Trade regarding the 198 MRT-3 employees who tested positive with COVID-19, including 15 ticket sellers, 1 nurse, 2 train drivers and 2 control center personnel, we need to double our efforts in protecting ourselves and the people around us.

1. Stay healthy - We need to eat nutritious food and load up in Vitamins C, D and Zinc. As much as possible, don’t smoke and avoid sweets. Having enough sleep, rest and hydration are also essential to keep our bodies healthy. We should also consider getting counselling and psychological support as part of maintaining our good mental health.

2. Practice safety protocols - Airborne transmission of the virus happens when an infected person talks, laughs or yells. He then produces particles or droplets that float in the air before they hit the ground. Protect yourself by doing all the preventive measures such as wearing masks, keeping social distancing, and doing proper hand washing.

Now that the virus can be transmitted in three different ways: direct contact, droplets and air inhalation, wearing masks when you’re outside is imperative.

Staying away from people up to 1 meter away prevents us from getting infected, but keeping our distance at 2 meters could be more effective. As much as possible, avoid large gatherings and crowded places.

People often touch their faces more than 16 times in an hour and with dirty hands, the virus may enter our mouth, nose and ears. So, frequent hand washing is also as important as putting our face masks on and minding our distance.

3. Get tested -Taking the rapid test for COVID-19 could help detect infections at an early stage. For those who have symptoms, go to the nearest hospital for swab testing.

4. Apply for protection - Nothing would make us feel secure than having health protection during this pandemic. Choose a plan that is affordable yet provides us with greater coverage and benefits.

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Remember, this coronavirus is looking for its new victims everyday in malls, restaurants, and other public and crowded places. Stay home, be vigilant on other measures and get the protection you deserve. Apply online by visiting

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