Change Is The Only Thing Constant. Or is it?

March 13, 2015

Change is such a big and ambiguous word. Sometimes its meaning is demeaned through constant use yet other times, a lot of people are so terrified by the thought of it.

The impermanence of life allows us to experience change after change after change. The death of a loved one; A new born baby; A shift in career; A new boss or health problems – all these entail a change in the course of your life.

Now, if change is constant and therefore inevitable, what are the things you must do and look forward to in order to welcome change rather than dread it?

Reduce expectations.

You can have reasonable expectations of how you’d like something to turn out, but you can’t marry yourself to that result. Reducing or having no expectations about a relationship, a business, or a situation can help you accept whatever may come from it.

When you set reasonable expectations, and don’t expect or demand a particular outcome, you’re better able to manage any changes that do come your way. Unreasonable expectations of life, however, will likely be met with loss, disappointment, and pain.

Acknowledge change.

Possibilities are endless and change can happen quickly at any point.

Change can and will happen in your life. Instead of resisting, allow change to unfold and try to understand what’s transforming and why.

Circumstances will not always turn out the way you want them to, and it’s perfectly all right. Embracing the situation can help you deal with the change effectively, make the necessary shifts in your life to accommodate the change, and help you move forward after the event.

Prepare financially as well.

While preparing mentally and emotionally for unexpected changes and shifts in your life is important, preparing financially is as equally important. Because just as the stock market is ever changing, so as the stability of your income flow is also fragile.

Failure to prepare financially for the unexpected could shake your life in ways you may not even know possible. A disruptive kind of change may only lead to a ripple of other changes that may not be for the good.

So better do something useful with your money and invest it on something that will give you financial protection and security. Because let’s be real, it is also about the money and how you spend it.

Embrace the wisdom.

The more you proactively embrace change and accept it as part of life, the more you grow as a person. Adapting to change brings you more peace and courage as strength and wisdom fill you. When you refuse to be shaken up by life’s twists and turns, you will come to a point where you realize that no matter how much change and impermanence you encounter, it can never break you. Because you have reached a certain level of epiphany in you and you begin to see that change is no longer your enemy. It is now your teacher.

We know change may be constant, but so are you.

Because you’re adaptable. Because you will choose to be flexible and adapt to change for as long as it comes. You will not be bothered by it but you will thrive in it. You will not be shaken. You’re unbreakable.

So, open up your arms. Spread it out and shout, “Je suis pret!” –I am ready.