Challenges When Looking for Health Insurance

July 31, 2020

Many health challenges emerge as the years pass, from diabetes, hypertension to cancer, which require holistic responses as well as a huge amount of money to spend on treatments and medications. We all know that the healthcare system in the Philippines is not as advanced compared to other Southeast Asian nations, so getting sick without proper coverage will definitely cause you an arm and a leg.

 COVID-19 virus is our greatest challenge this 2020 and has affected thousands of Filipino workers, business owners and even changed the way we live, work, shop and interact

With the continuous rising of positive cases in Metro Manila, there’s a possibility that the government brings back the lockdown status to Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine by the end of this month in order to slow down the spread of the virus.

Despite practicing proper handwashing, promoting a healthy diet and lifestyle, wearing masks and observing social distance we still don’t know when and how this virus is going to hit us.

Experts believe that the most important thing to have this year is health insurance. And in finding the right cover, it is important that you look for a provider that gives you the right mix of products and services.

Here are the top three challenges when finding a health insurance:

Accessibility - In today's generation, most customers use digital channels when getting information about a certain product or updating their personal data. In fact, an Accenture study found out that people, specifically Millennials, prefer to get insurance from online service providers and have someone available to attend to their queries whenever they need it.

This pandemic has been an eye-opener for most people, understanding how beneficial and safe to purchase products online.

Affordability - Many of the hospitals in the Philippines are privately owned and being confined in a regular or ICU room would cost you a lot. This crisis that we are facing right now gives us a clearer picture of the important things that we need to focus on, our health.

Some healthcare providers are now offering insurance plans at an affordable price with comprehensive coverage depending on your needs. Remember, it is still best and practical to have healthcare coverage that provides cash benefits in case of hospitalization as this gives you extra money to spend on medicines or maybe help you in your daily needs.

Coverage and Provisions - Before making any purchases, review and know more about your policy’s coverage and provisions. Check whether your insurance provider gives you comprehensive protection and has COVID-19 coverage as not all companies are willing to cover this given the risks.

While many scientists are involved in the process of finding a vaccine for COVID-19, they are still far from being successful thus extensive personal protection and a well-packed health insurance are what people need.

Being sick and hospitalized for a simple illness could already blow a hole in your savings how much more if you are getting treatment for coronavirus. It’s a long process and may even put you in the ICU depending on the severity. That’s why financial preparedness is vital in times like this.

Paramount Direct, a direct marketing arm of Paramount Life & General Insurance Corp, has addressed these challenges to provide you with one of the best products that suits you and your family’s needs. Our company has been in the insurance industry for 70 years, providing Filipino families the best and quality products and services.

Our health insurance products are for 20 to 75 year olds and provide daily cash assistance for hospital confinements due to any sickness or illnesses, including COVID-19. Each product is especially designed and packed with benefits to ensure your worry-free recovery, at the same time, guarding your hard-earned savings.

Paramount Direct is fully digital - which allows you to apply and pay anytime, anywhere and get covered as soon as you pay your initial premium. You don’t have to take the risk of going out of your homes..

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