Can It Help Make You Healthier?

April 2, 2021


Spirituality can mean different things to different people, pero ano nga ba ito? According to Stephen Covey, an American educator, author, businessman, and keynote speaker, "The spiritual dimension is your center, your commitment to your value system. It draws upon the sources that inspire and uplift you and tie you to timeless truths of humanity." In other words, spiritual health creates harmony in a person’s life and to the things that surround him. Ang ibang tao ay nakahahanap ng meaning, hope, comfort and inner peace sa pagiging ispiritwal.  Ayon sa, “Many people find spirituality through religion. Some people find it through music, art, or a connection with nature. Others find it in their values and principles''. It’s a piece of puzzle that can put wellness together. Kaya mahalaga na meron kang calm mind and spirit, so you can focus and look for deeper meanings in your life.

Pansinin mo yung mga pasahero na sumasakay sa air-conditioned at ordinary buses. Sa air-conditioned bus, mas payapa ang mga pasahero. Karamihan sa kanila, nakikinig ng music using their cellphones at ang iba naman ay natutulog. Pero yung nasa ordinary bus, nakasimangot at init na init. This only goes to prove na malaki ang nako-contribute sa tao kung at peace and relaxed sila. Dagdag pa ng

Some research shows a connection between your beliefs and your sense of well being. Positive beliefs, comfort, and strength gained from religion, meditation, and prayer can contribute to well being. It may even promote healing. Improving your spiritual health may not cure an illness, but it may help you feel better. It also may prevent some health problems and help you cope better with illness, stress, or death.

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Is there really a connection between spirituality and well-being? Aside from helping redirect our sense of meaning and purpose, can our spiritual beliefs affect our overall health? How do you improve your spiritual health? Here are some ideas to help you achieve it.

1. Let it out. Talking with people will help reduce the feeling of isolation and lessen the risk of developing depression. It is important that you express what’s on your mind, especially now that we are all going through a health crisis. Pwede mong isulat sa isang notebook or journal lahat ng nararamdaman at naiisip mo para makagaan sa’yo. Later on, pag binalikan mo ‘yun matatawa ka nalang dahil na-overcome mo sila.

2. Move forward. Negative thoughts can counter your hopefulness. Kaya para maka move forward, kailangan mong kalimutan yung mga hindi magandang nangyari noon at magpatawad sa mga taong nakagawa sa’yo ng hindi mabuti. Don’t be stuck with your past. Clear your mind and be connected with something else like growing plants, crocheting, quilting, etc. Think happy thoughts and concentrate more on how you can achieve a happy and healthy life.

3. Exercise. Physical exercise has many benefits such as it reduces stress hormones, improves heart rate, boosts positive hormones to have an optimistic mindset, and helps you focus. Pwede mo rin subukan ang yoga. It is a physical technique that improves the immune system and reduces fatigue, depression and insomnia. 

4. Meditate. You may think it’s difficult to devote a few minutes to meditate. But you have to find time. Meditation is what you needed most especially during these challenging times. It will bring you inner peace and calmness. Most of all, you don’t need special equipment to do this. Pwede kang mag meditate sa umaga, tanghali o anumang oras na gusto mo. There are many meditation videos on the internet that can help you get started.


5. Get protection. Insurance provides peace of mind because you know you and your family’s finances will be taken care of when an illness or death in the family strikes.

Zeny, a 59-year-old assistant school principal is retiring soon and this has been bothering her for the past months. She’s afraid she’ll feel useless and meaningless once she lets go of the job she’s loved for more than half of her life. Paano pag nagkasakit siya? Takot siyang maubos at mapunta lang sa wala ang retirement pay na makukuha niya. Nag-aalala siya na baka hindi pa maging sapat ang buwanang pension na matatanggap niya para makatulong sa mga gastusin sa bahay. Aware of her mom’s brewing concerns, Lisa, her daughter, sits her down and gives her a comforting reassurance. She suggests options like getting a good insurance plan to help ease her mother’s worries. Zeny takes heed and now begins to look forward to her retirement years.

Although the so-called ‘healing effects’ of faith and spirituality cannot be easily explained by any logic or reason, you can’t just easily disregard it. Faith is knowing, deep down inside, na magiging maayos din ang lahat. Pero kadalasan, kailangan mo rin itong sabayan ng pagkilos. You also need to act on that faith. Gumawa ka rin ng paraan para masigurong ligtas ka at ang iyong kalusugan. Pray for good health and great life and work on achieving it at the same time. Remember that your life's a blessing and that it deserves to be nurtured and protected. 

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