Breaking the Habit: The Benefits of Going Smoke-Free

May 31, 2024

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The global effort to lessen tobacco use and its detrimental effects on health is brought to light by World No Tobacco Day, observed on the 31st of May each year. One of the most significant actions that you can do to enhance your health and well-being is to stop smoking. Although quitting can be difficult, there are many quick and significant benefits. In this blog, we will explore the many benefits of quitting smoking in hopes of inspiring anyone who wants to make a change in their lives.

When committing to stop smoking, the body starts to heal almost immediately. Here are some of the quick benefits you can expect:

Within 20 Minutes: Your heart rate and blood pressure begin to normalize.

Within 12 Hours: The carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal, improving oxygen levels.

Within 24 Hours: The risk of heart attack starts to decrease.

Within 48 Hours: Nerve endings begin to regenerate, and your sense of taste and smell improves.

Although the road to improvement is still a long journey, in the weeks and months following cessation, your body will continue to repair itself:

Within 2-12 Weeks: Circulation and lung function improves, making breathing and physical activities easier.

Within 1-9 Months: Coughing and shortness of breath decrease. The lung also begin to regain normal function, reducing the risk of infections.

The longer you stay smoke-free, the more your health continues to improve:

Within 1 Year: Your risk of coronary heart disease is cut in half

Within 5 Years: The risk of stroke is reduced. The risk of mouth, throat, esophagus, and bladder cancers is cut in half.

Within 10 Years: The risk of dying from lung cancer is about half that of a smoker. The risk of cancer of the larynx and pancreas decreases.

Within 15 Years: The risk of coronary heart disease is that of a non-smoker.

Smoking cessation has numerous and diverse advantages, affecting almost every area of your life. From immediate health improvements to long-term disease prevention and enhanced quality of life. Remember, it is never too late to quit and seek a healthier, smoke-free future. However, despite best efforts, the journey towards better health may sometimes be challenging. For the best emergency protection for you, choose Paramount's Healthcare Cash Plan. For more information, visit