July 8, 2022

boost your protection

When did you get your first COVID-19 booster shot? Do you think a second one is still necessary? Does the vaccine really protect us against COVID-19?

The public has been warned once again due to the alarming rise of COVID-19 cases in the country. Which is why, last April 26, 2022, the Department of Health (DOH) started administering the second booster shots to the public.

For now, qualified individuals are senior citizens and frontliners who’ve had their first booster shot four (4) months ago. Soon, maybe after a few months, the booster shot will be available to the rest of the population. Follow your LGU’s Facebook page to keep yourself updated!

Places that accept registrations/walk-ins from all unvaccinated adults include:

covid vaccine

Get your 2nd booster for better protection

According to health experts, the second booster dose will protect us from the existing and future variant threats of COVID-19.

Even if you are vaccinated, you need to take precautions. And while there is still a threat of the said coronavirus, you should always stay vigilant and continue to practice safety health protocols such as washing hands, wearing face masks and avoiding crowded places.

Protect yourself with a health plan

Also, getting health coverage during these uncertain times is paramount. It doesn’t just ease your financial worries but it allows you to focus more on getting better. 

Good thing there’s Paramount Direct. We offer reimbursement-type health insurance products that could assist in your recovery in case you get hospitalized due to any injury or illness, including COVID-19.

Our Hospital Income Benefit Plan can cover individuals, couples or even families from ages 20 up to 64 years old. It provides cash benefits of up to PHP4,000/day for regular confinement, up to PHP8,000/day for dread disease confinement and up to PHP80,000 lump sum for lengthy confinement.

Get a FREE quote today at or visit our website,, for more information and to apply online.

Get your 2nd booster jab done and redirect towards keeping yourself and your family protected.