Benefits and Privileges of Persons With Disabilities

September 4, 2020

Persons with Disabilities (PWD) are those with long-term physical, mental or sensory impairments that affect their ability to perform equally with the others. 

In the Philippines, around 1.443 million Filipinos have a disability and mostly come from low-income families with no capacity to access basic services. Thus, our government suggests to give PWDs more attention and consideration in terms of health care needs, without discrimination. 

1. Government programs and privileges - our government has launched different programs for PWDs to protect their welfare and provide their health care needs. All disabled persons have mandatory coverage under SSS, Philhealth and Pag-ibig. 

Philhealth offers mandatory health coverage for all PWDs under Republic Act 11228 which took effect on March 19, 2019. Aside from inpatient care, PWDs also have outpatient benefits that provide free check ups and laboratories such as chest X-ray, lipid profile, complete blood count, urinalysis, fecalysis, sputum microscopy, fasting blood sugar, among others; including medicines for asthma, acute gastroenteritis, upper respiratory tract infection, pneumonia and urinary tract infection. Part of this law is to develop packages for PWD’s specific health and developmental needs. 

The Department of Health has come up with different national health programs for PWDs based on Republic Act 7277 that includes establishing medical rehab centers in provincial hospitals and making essential health services available to PWDs at affordable costs. 

2. Special discounts and privileges - Since 2017, 5% discounts are given to PWDs when purchasing basic commodities such as grocery items, school supplies and others. While 20% discount on restaurants, medicine or travel expenses. 

Other discounts and privileges are designated express lanes, educational assistance, and city-wide benefits like a free birthday cake if you reside in Makati, cash gifts or financial assistance for Makati and Cebu residents, or free movie admission and free parking in selected areas. 

To enjoy these benefits, you have to present your PWD identification. If you haven’t applied for one yet, here’s how to get your ID

Step1: Download and fill-out the application form 

Step2: Provide 2pcs 1×1 or 2x2 ID photos (depending on your city/municipality requirement) with name and signature at the back 

Step3: Bring a barangay clearance, voter’s ID, or any valid government-issued ID 

Step4: Submit all the requirements to: 
A. Persons with Disability Affairs Office (PDAO) of the city hall or municipal hall where you reside 
B. City or Municipal Social Welfare and Development office 
C. City or Municipal Health Office or its satellite offices 
D. Office of the Mayor 
E. Office of the Barangay Captain 
F. NCDA office (for urgent cases) 

Don’t forget to attach your latest medical certificate or clinical abstract from a licensed private or government clinic that confirms disability conditions and to avoid your application from being denied. 

3. Employment rights - Disabled persons shall be given the same opportunities, benefits and compensation as the others as long as they can perform the work. Apart from that, PWDs have the right to enhance their skills for employment through government-funded workshops or training programs. 

4. Insurance acceptance - All PWDs applying for insurance must not be denied due to their disability. They deserve the protection as the able-bodied people get. 

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It’s good to know how our government shows their utmost concern to the health and well-being of their citizens, especially those with disabilities. Let’s show our respect and give our support to them in our own simple ways.