Back to School Basics

May 20, 2016

As summer slowly bids us farewell we are greeted by the ringing of the school bell. Your little one is not the only one getting ready for school, you prepare for it as well. We’ve made a list to help you with your back to school shopping.

1. Bag

No student is ready without a sturdy and tough bag to carry all of their essentials. Kids usually have backpacks or stroller bags for easier transportation.

Bags hold the most precious items including your child’s notebooks, books, and pencils etc.

2. Lunch box

This treasured box is probably the item that matters most to your child. They cannot go throughout the day without any snacks.

We recommend that the lunch box has water protection inside to avoid spillage of food items if ever the juice pack or water bottle accidentally opens.

3. Computer

A computer is important for obvious reasons. Students need it to conduct their research and actually write down their projects.

You as a parent have the power to keep your child ready at all times. You tire yourself every day in order to earn for your growing family. You have allocated savings just for their school needs. But what if the threat of sudden hospitalization affects those savings as well as your other expenses?

Make sure that your family, as well as your savings is protected. Health insurance acts as a deterrent against the effects of sudden hospitalization.

By purchasing health insurance you save yourself and your family from the financial stress caused by sudden confinement. Decide to provide your family with even further protection.

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