A Love to Last a Lifetime

February 7, 2020

Everyone has experienced love at some point - to love and be loved. It is a powerful emotion that is felt for friends, partners, family, pets or even objects. We make lots of sacrifices because of love. Sometimes it can hurt but love, bounded by respect and understanding, can help people get through difficult times or push them to do much better.

Friendship love is a good foundation for any relationship. True friends, oftentimes, tell you the ugly truth about yourself right in front of your face. Yet they are always by your side as you struggle with your life and motivates you not to give up even when you are self-defeating. Your friends know you a lot. They can help you celebrate in good times and offer you free-flowing companionship when you feel like going to the spa for some relaxation, shopping or trying out a new menu in a restaurant. Make sure to treasure them and give attention to being one as well because friendship love is the longest-lasting type of love in humans.

Love of animals, specifically dogs, can help reduce stress and depression for some pet owners. Studies have shown that having an eye-to-eye contact with your pet dog can boost the social bonding hormones, called oxytocin, of both the human and the dog. Your pet dogs know, through your voice or body language, when you are feeling anxious, sad or happy.

On the other hand, when dogs are scared they find peace and comfort if you stroke them or rub their ears. Truly, dogs are man’s best friend. Build a strong bond with them as they are the only species in this world who are loyal and will protect you as long as they live.

Family love is unconditional. It is a special type of love that’s built with care, loyalty, and healthy attachment. No matter how good or bad a family member does, you will still accept and love them for who they are. In Filipino culture, communicating or catching up with each other’s lives, having dinner, planning a vacation, and working together to achieve family goals, are essential in bringing your family closer together.

Building a healthy family starts with the parents and at home. Teach their children to respect one another, be kind, make time for the family and remember to value each family member.

The parents would do everything to protect and make sure that everyone’s needs are met. This Valentine’s Day, give your family the protection that they deserve. Since medical emergencies are unpredictable and can strike anyone at any time, getting a health insurance plan that ensures your family’s financial well-being in the event of illness or accidents can surely be of great help.

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Love can be expressed in different ways. If you cannot say it with words, say it with HealthCare Cash Plan. Hit the apply button and ensure your family’s health and financial security.