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4 Safe Driving Tips During Rush Hour

May 22, 2018

Driving during rush hour is a challenge for all drivers. Since most people are rushing to get home to their families after a day of stressful work,accidents are more likely to happen. By following these safe driving tips, you are sure to get through that traffic jam without a problem:

Stay focused - One of the best ways to avoid stress during rush hour is to leave early.  With the traffic situation in the metro, you should give yourself at least extra 30 minutes to ensure that you don’t rush to get to your destination. Rushing makes you more stressed and this will not help when you’re on the road.

Do not eat, text or use your phone while driving. If you are stuck in a traffic, listen or dance into the groove of a good music, bring your favorite beverage (no alcohol, please) in an easy to drink container or better yet arrange a carpool so not only you have company while driving, you can also save on gas.

Keep your eyes on the road. Wandering eyes and mind are risky and a few seconds of inattentiveness could put  you to a lot of trouble.

Manage your anger - In heavy traffic conditions, people are easy to get angry. So, when you are feeling tired or agitated, pull over and don’t drive. If another driver is trying to cut you off, take a deep breath and just let him! Getting into an accident over a petty road rage is not worth it, so don’t risk it and stay calm.

Plan your route - Do you pass by the same route and experience the same level of stress everyday? Take alternate routes for a more efficient way to and from your workplace. It’s best that you know different ways to get to your destination so you have options in case the route you’re used to is extraordinarily congested.

Get a motor insurance - No matter how safe a driver you think you are, getting into accidents on the the road can be inevitable especially since we know, unfortunately, that there are a lot of drivers who don’t even deserve to be issued a driver’s license.  Thus, drivers have greater risks of being involved in a collision with another motor vehicle and it’s best that we and our vehicles are protected to avoid unnecessary and unbudgeted expenses.

Paramount Direct introduces Car-to-Car Collision Cover that protects your vehicle against physical damage. For as low as Php3,000/year you’ll be able to achieve that peace of mind you deserve.

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Drive responsibly.